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Redevelopment Conference by ‘We Parlekar’

undreds of buildings in Mumbai are stuck with the term redevelopment. With the development process stalled for various reasons, thousands of Mumbaiites have faced the problem of safe accommodation. Against this backdrop, the fourth suburban redevelopment conference was organized by ‘Hum Parlekar’ on Sunday, August 5th. This conference will be organized by the Hon. L Deshpande Auditorium from 9am to 9pm. It will run up to 1.2. It will cover various issues under ‘Challenges in redevelopment process’. These include redevelopment, environmental redevelopment, rara law, funnel zone and redevelopment. Maharashtra Times is the media partner for this conference.

The redevelopment of Mumbai buildings has become a key issue. There is confusion among the residents about the process, even though development plan 3, the Raira Act, have given strength to the redevelopment. It also reveals that there are doubts, rules, conditions, sufficient information, guidance. There are also instances where some technical, legal issues have prevented redevelopment after the approval of the redevelopment project due to lack of proper information. Redevelopment conference is organized by ‘We Parlekar’ to solve this complexity. This year’s conference will be held on August 7, at the Lokmanya Seva Sangh in Ville Parle L Deshpande will meet in the House. The council will get proper guidance from the Council regarding the redevelopment of housing societies, committee members and residents. Those attending the conference can also dispel doubts from knowledgeable, experts.

Challenges in the redevelopment process include ‘Development Plan 2 and Redevelopment’, ‘Rira Law and Redevelopment’, ‘Financial and Legal Aspects of Redevelopment’, ‘Option for Self-Development’, ‘Funnel Zone and Redevelopment’, ‘Environmental Redevelopment’. The conference will review the current status of funnel zones. The Council will get guidance from administrative officers, experts, experts and representatives of the people to provide all information regarding the redevelopment. There is also an opportunity for the participating members to address issues related to housing societies. Contacts: 1, 2, 3.


Kashmir tourism is in danger for year round

The worsening of tourism in Kashmir was just beginning to change after the Pulwama attack. The last two months have been great. But now, the decision of the Central Government on ‘Section 4’ has put Kashmir tourism at risk for the year. He is still welcome.

Tourism is the only source of employment for the youth of Kashmir. Therefore, when stressful situations arise, youth employment is at stake. That creates anti-national elements somewhere. Such a picture occurs during the Pulwama attack. But then that changed. Tourist arrivals in Kashmir from April to July were blighted. Although not a large number of tourists, the situation was improving. By the time of next October, the number would have increased as the tourism was on. But due to this sudden decision, it is now feared that the current winter, winter and perhaps next summer tourism season will be threatened.

Kashmiris were aware that something big would happen. So there has been unprecedented peace in the valley for two days. Such peace has never been experienced by Srinagar or Kashmir before. But, the positive thing is that this peace is not before the storm. Prior to this, the roads in Kashmir were often desolate. At that time, agitation, demonstrations were his cause. But now the situation is different. After the decision, agitations, stoning, demonstrations will not take place in Kashmir. This will be of long-term benefit in terms of Kashmir tourism. That is why the Center welcomes this decision.


Doctor’s termination from today

MUMBAI: The Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (Mard) has warned that on Wednesday, Wednesday, various demands for residential doctors in Mumbai, such as pending demands for medical education, leave to doctors with TB, maternity leave to women doctors, have been issued. For many months, doctors have been demanding continuity of leave and pay related to illness. However, as they are not getting any response, Mard has decided to end all the medical colleges and medical hospitals in the state.


Set up a separate city for scholars in the valley

Welcome to the cancellation of Section 4. This decision has made ointments on the atrocities suffered by Pandits today. But then there is a need for a separate city in the valley for the Kashmiri Pandits. The decision of the central government has changed the country. This is a historic decision. This is the achievement of Panu Kashmir’s unwavering two-year struggle to cancel the clause. This is why the organization is very happy with it. But, such a decision is not enough to end the problems of Kashmir or Kashmiri Pandits. The central government will have to take a more comprehensive approach.

After this decision, many now feel that the path of Pandits to Kashmir is easy again. But it’s not that easy. Kashmiri Pandits have been living in exile since being taken out of the valley in 1979. The Pandits have been burnt out, and their houses in the valley have been burnt. The land is occupied by outsiders. How can a Kashmiri Pandit stay with those who have done so? The central government should set up an independent city in or near Srinagar to bring the Pandits back to the valley. Pandits from all over the country should be given political and administrative rights there. Get the Right to Vote. Until this happens, the battle of ‘Panoon Kashmir’ will continue. Nor can it be said that unless this happens, the decision to abolish Section 2 is successful.


Cabinet review of flood situation today

A special meeting of the state cabinet has been convened on Wednesday to review the flood situation in the state and decisions will be taken to assist and rehabilitate the flood victims. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis is on a pilgrimage to Mahajanade in some districts. From there they were monitoring the flood situation. 

But he has called in a special meeting of the state cabinet on Wednesday to give some relief to the afflicted and to make some decisions for rehabilitation. He will be coming to Mumbai from Akola. Before the State Cabinet meeting, the Chief Minister will talk to the Collector and the departmental officials to review the flood situation. 


Women tourists now look forward to Kashmir

Shyamli Pendke-Sumali, a native of Kashmir, traveled to Kashmir Valley with women in Maharashtra this April. It was the first tourist team in the history of Kashmir comprising full women. The same brunette Pendke has decided to go to the valley with more women after removing ‘Section 6’.

The Pulwama attack and the surgical strike of the Indian Air Force, followed by the Kashmir Valley, were a cause for concern. Even so, Shyamly Pendke had taken women on tour in a blazing atmosphere. Shyamli is from a village near Srinagar. President of Panoon Kashmir organization Dr. Agneshekhar is his brother. Her husband Prakash owns a tours business. Shyamoli, under this, took the women tourists.

About this, Shyamoli said, “As a native of Kashmir, memories are with me. Now canceling Article 2 is a happy moment for thousands of women outside Kashmir like me. We are now eager to take each of them to the Valley of Kashmir. The touring experience in April is back. ‘


Colonies of NGOs in the courtyards

Prices of seats in Mumbai are skyrocketing; However, in the available seats NGOs offer various reasons in these Anganwadas. Therefore, the question of whether children’s education, their health and nutrition are the main objectives in terms of diet is fulfilled. Various food pockets are also distributed in various Anganwadis in the state including Mumbai. The question of food allocation is still being questioned.

The government had raised serious issues of instruction after visiting Anganwadas in Palghar district. As NGOs are conducting activities in these various Anganwadi centers, there is insufficient space for children to sit in Anganwadi. Therefore, no NGO should be allowed to enter any Anganwadi center without the approval of the government. If such activities are started in Anganwadi center, they have been instructed to remove them immediately. In the Anganwadi center of Palghar district, a protein box called Childless Churn is supplied. It is also directed that such allotted containers should be seized immediately in the state as it is not health-wise to distribute such foods to the children of Anganwadi without the consent of the government.

Companies, organizations, which have supplied goods through CSR for Anganwadi center till date. The secretaries have asked for their anganwadi and centerwise information. Also, in the future for the Anganwadi center, the companies and companies who want to visit the goods through CSR should first obtain the permission of the government and then supply this material to the Anganwadi center. District-wise information is also expected to be submitted when the project office has demanded the supply of Tech Home Ration (THR) for the Anganwadi center and how long it has been supplied to them. The government has directed that proposals for purchase of Zilla Parishad Balance Fund to be supplied to Anganwadi centers should be approved by the Commissioner, Integrated Child Development Services Scheme.

There is no consistency

There are many questions of Anganwadi Sevakis, in some places in the state, NGOs distribute food in such a way, there is no consistency in the distribution of materials, their quality is not known. Therefore, this type of Anganwadi driver is not preferred. Shubha Shamim said that such things should be done through the government only for the health of the children.

This should also be considered

Despite the lack of consistency in the distribution of commodities, the contribution of these social institutions was important for raising awareness about the education of children and their health. Representatives of social organizations working on the issue of child health have expressed that it should have been thought too.


No slaughter of goats and sheep should be allowed in the house

The Bombay High Court on Tuesday directed the Mumbai Municipal Corporation not to allow slaughter of goats and sheep in the houses on the occasion of Goat Eid. At the same time, one kilometer walking distance from the common place for slaughterhouses (including the religious sites used for slaughter). Also, do not allow slaughter in distant housing societies. Satyaranjan Dharmadhikari and Justice. A bench of Gautam Patel clarified in its order.

The Jeeva Mitra Trust had filed a petition in its pending petition claiming that the municipality’s decision to grant temporary permission to slaughter goats and sheep in residential complex on August 1 was in violation of environmental and animal welfare laws. The bench, however, issued the order on Tuesday following an urgent hearing. ‘Since this dispute is a yearly issue, we will hold a final hearing on the policy of the municipality. However, the municipality cannot be ordered to allow such slaughter in the confined premises of Housing Societies in Turtas. But, one kilometer from the slaughtered shared space. The bench explained in its order that temporary societies should not be allowed for the slaughter of such societies in the distance.

“Hygiene and health are of paramount importance, and we do not think it is possible to provide a clean and healthy environment if animals are slaughtered in their homes.” In such houses there will be young children living. Therefore, the bench also explained in its order that the municipality should not allow temporary slaughter in the houses, considering their health and safety. The bench also directed that the municipality should take precautions to ensure clean, hygienic environment, public safety while permitting slaughter.


Body of woman found in Goani

A woman was found dead in a plastic ditch on Tuesday morning in the sea of ​​Madhad in Malad. In this connection, death was registered at Malvani police station.

The fishermen from Koliwada, Madh, went to the beach on Tuesday morning. Walking along the shore, they saw a drop in the water. As soon as the bullets were opened, the body of a woman was seen inside. The woman had a leg amputated. Upon receiving information about this, Malwani police reached the scene. The body of the woman was sent to the Bhagwati Hospital in Borivali for autopsy. Malwani police said that a preliminary estimate of the woman was killed and efforts to identify the woman were underway.


No decision on BMC staff leave, senior salary cut

MUMBAI: Senior executives are facing a costly problem for not deciding on leave applications for junior staff. The salaries of the five senior officers who did not decide on the vacation applications of Mumbai municipal staff have been deducted. The decision has been taken following the orders of Municipal Commissioner Pravin Pardeshi. With the decision on the leave of the employees, the salary withheld will be deposited in next month’s salary. 

Employees working in Mumbai Municipal Corporation have to get leave from senior officials. If the officers do not decide on the leave application, the salary of the respective employees is deducted. However, due to no decision on the leave of the employees at this time, the salaries of the senior officers have been deducted from 5 per cent. Ever since the salary was deducted, holidays have been granted, an official said. 

Employees are required to apply regularly for leave after the presence of biometric machines. Once it is approved, the salary is paid accordingly. If the vacation is not decided, the days mentioned in the holiday application are deducted. This time, however, the ax of action has been dropped on the authorities who are not deciding the holiday. Meanwhile, BMC’s app downloads have increased after the pay cut. Officers can approve vacations through an app downloaded in mobile. Instructions have been given to add the office email id on the mobile. This will help to reach the authorities immediately by sending an e-mail message.